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List of contributions

11th Workshop on Quantum Solar Energy Conversion - (QUANTSOL 1999)
March 14-19, 1999, Wildhaus, Switzerland
1. Photovoltaic devices

2. Photoelectrochemistry

3. Photochemistry

  • Photoinduced Energy Transfer within a Donor Acceptor Pair and Subsequent Intermolecular Electron Transfer,
    C. Königstein et al, CISRO, Victoria, Australia
  • Modified AMM-Ti, a Hybrid Photocatalyst for Detoxification and Charge Generation by Visible Light,
    H. Kisch et al, Univ. Erlangen-Nürnberg

4. Modeling/Simulation

  • Two-dimensional electric modelling of the dye-sensitized solar cells,
    J. Ferber et al, FHG-ISE, Freiburg
  • Thermodynamics of solar cells and fuel cells,
    P. Würfel, Univ. Karlsruhe
  • Quasi-fermi level splitting from luminescence analysis in Cu(InGa)Se2 films and solar cells,
    G.H. Bauer et al, Univ. Oldenburg
  • A transient model of the dye sensitized solar cell,
    R. Stangl et al, FHG-ISE, Freiburg
  • On a solar cell efficiency formula,
    P.T. Landsberg, Univ. Southampton

5. PV-Materials, inorganic

6. PV-Materials organic

7. Characterisation

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