European Society for Quantum Solar Energy Conversion

Summary of the General Assembly

The General Assembly took place on March 17, 2004, 20:30 at the Hotel Europäischer Hof (Bad Gastein, Österreich) during the Quantsol 2004 workshop.
After opening of the General Assembly by our Vice President, Prof. Gion Calzaferri, (Our President Prof. Wolfram Jägermann was unfortunately unable to attend the General Assembly, as he is on a sabatical in the USA), a short review over the activities in the past year was given by Christian Königstein. Prof. Jägermann addrssed a letter to the Assembly. In March 2003 a very successful 15 th Workshop on Quantum Solar Energy Conversion "QUANTSOL 2003" was held in Bad Gastein in Salzburg, Österreich. The Workshop with about 40 participants was organized by Prof. Horst Kisch. The on-line proceedings are available on this home-page.
The 3rd European Summer School on Solar Energy was organized by Prof. Daniel Vanmaekelbergh in Hirscheg (Kleinwalsertal) - the same location as the first Summerschool - in September 2003. It was a great success, as Daniel Vanmaekelbergh coul report.

Afterwards, a short overview over future activities was given:
The 17th Quantsol 2005 Winterworkshop will be organized by Jenny Nelson (with the help of Wolfram Jägermann and Christian Königstein).
After the activities overview, Christian Königstein (who replaced Hubert Cachet) presented the financial situation which is still healthy. Then, according to our statutes, the present Executive Board was released and reelected.

The next point on the agenda was to fix the annual membership fee. It was agreed (by majority vote) to fix the membership fees for full members to 20,- Euros and the reduced membership fee (for students etc.) has been fixed to 10,- Euros.

The session was closed by Gion Calzaferri at 22:00 hours.

May 9, 2004
European Society for Quantum Solar Energy Conversion