European Society for Quantum Solar Energy Conversion

Summary of the General Assembly

The General Assembly took place on March 16, 2005, 21:00 at the Hotel Ruriser Hof (Rauris, Österreich) during the Quantsol 2005 workshop.
After opening of the General Assembly by our President, Prof. Wolfram Jägermann, a short review over the activities in the past year was given by Christian Königstein. In March 2004 a very successful 16th Workshop on Quantum Solar Energy Conversion "QUANTSOL 2004" was held in Bad Gastein in Salzburg, Österreich. The Workshop with about 40 participants was organized by Prof. Rolf Brendel. The on-line proceedings are available on this home-page.
After the activities overview, Hubert Cachet presented the financial situation which is still healthy. Then, according to our statutes, the present Executive Board was released and reelected.
On this occasion, Mary Archer resigned from the executive board. As she was not present in Rauris, Christian Königstein, adressed the audience in her name. She was very happy tho be part of the executive board, but as she took up the duty of heading a hospital in the UK, she thought to be unable to have enough time available for working in the executive board.
Afterwards, three new members of the executive board were elected:
Prof. Laurie Peter (University of Bath, UK)
Dr. Christoph Domain (EDF, France)
Dr. Niels Peter Harder (Saint-Gobain Glass, Germany)
Together with the remaining 'old' executive board members (Hubert cachet, Gion Calzaferri, Wolfram Jägermann, Christian Königstein, Serdar Sariciftci, Daniel Vanmaekelbergh, Peter Würfel), the three new members, are looking forward to work together for the benefit of our sciety

Afterwards, a short overview over future activities was given:

  • The 18th Quantsol 2006 Winterworkshop will be organized by Klaus Lips (with the help of Albert Goossens and Christian Königstein).
  • A summer school is planed for 2006, With Gion Calzaferri, Peter Würfel and Niels Peter Harder as organizing committee.
  • After some discussion in the audience, it was concluded to look into the possibility of organizing a 'Quantsol Conference' in 2006 or 2007. Prof. Wolfram Jägermann will lead the 'exploring group'.

The last point on the agenda was to fix the annual membership fee. It was agreed (by majority vote) to fix the membership fees for full members to 20,- Euros and the reduced membership fee (for students etc.) has been fixed to 10,- Euros.

The session was closed by Wolfram Jägermann at 22:00 hours.

April 3, 2005
European Society for Quantum Solar Energy Conversion